Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Although our travelers are adventurous they prefer a comfortable, clean room at the end of the day. We partner exclusively with accommodations that have received 4 to 5 star ratings. We also prefer to work with hotels that exude some local culture or feeling in their property. We live by the 4 c’s – cleanliness, character, comfort, and convenient location!

Porterage of bags is typically taken care of so you don’t have to worry about your bags. When transferring from hotel to hotel you will leave your bags in the room and they will magically appear in your next room! There are certain times when you may have to carry or roll your own luggage, typically when traveling by train or plane. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us about your specific trip.

Six people is the minimum for a small group tour, and twelve people is our maximum group size. However, if you’re a smaller or larger group we can put together a custom itinerary with more or fewer services as your budget permits. Please contact us.

The amount of activity varies by tour and destination. Most of our trips have at least one walking tour where you should be comfortable walking at a casual pace on uneven roads or sidewalks for at least 3 hours with short breaks in between movement. We have had some clients join us during recovery from surgeries where it’s made their walking more difficult. In those situations, we can try to make alternatives available or offer the option to opt-out of more intense walking activities. Please contact us before booking a trip if you have limitations that you are concerned about. We want to make sure that your vacation is comfortable for you!

Small group tours give you a few companions with whom you will experience a prearranged itinerary where you don’t have any worries or planning. Plus you’ll have a Tour Director available to you around the clock. That person will be there to make sure you have whatever you need, whenever you need it. Your Tour Director is also your travel buddy and host – they know the locals so you’ll feel like you’re being introduced and welcomed as a friend.

Private travel gives you the flexibility to have more input on the activities, accommodations, or dates of travel. You can opt to have more services and as much or as little arranged for you in advance. If your group size or budget permits, we can also have a Tour Director escort you on your journey.

Our small group trips do not include international airfare to the arrival city and from the departure city. However, any regional transportation (train or air travel) is included in your tour package. Any incidental costs such as laundry, room service, souvenirs, etc. are also not included. Some alcoholic beverages are included, but not at all meals. During each small group tour there are generally 1-2 dinners on your own. We’ve found that most people like to have a few independent meals to explore on their own or have us coordinate a reservation for a romantic night out!

Food & Beverages

Well, other than the obvious reason pointing to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, food is something that brings us all together no matter your culture, your age, your nationality, or your gender. We all must eat. And we seem to like doing it together.

Food is a great way to experience a different culture and learn from locals. It gives us an opportunity to bond over a meal, share experiences, learn, and laugh. 

Although all the dining experiences on our group tours have been tried and tested, dining anywhere can be a risk. Quite frankly, we’ve had food poisoning more frequently while eating in the USA than abroad! That being said, if at any point you feel uncomfortable or prefer different food, your requests can be met; please alert your Travel Director.

Many of the meals on our group tours are prearranged, have multiple dishes, and are shared family style. In the unlikely event that there isn’t a single dish you enjoy (sad panda!), we will find you something else to eat. We wouldn’t leave you hungry!

Generally speaking, yes. We understand the challenges of dietary restrictions (since we have some odd ones ourselves!) and we do our best to make substitutes available to all participants. There are certain destinations where severe allergies are difficult to accommodate. As such, we recommend that before booking a tour, you check with us first about your specific restrictions to verify that we can accommodate them without risking your health or safety.

Water is included at all meals. Some alcoholic beverages are included in every trip but not at all meals. Certain activities also include alcoholic beverages such as wine tastings, sake lessons, cocktail making. It is not required to drink the alcoholic beverages and we can offer alternatives! As it pertains to additional consumption, you are welcome to order more or different beverages beyond what is provided, at your own expense. If you have any questions please let us know and we are happy to answer specific inquiries about your trip!


We will not coordinate COVID tests prior to departure if that’s still a requirement. There will be varying requirements for each traveler depending on their departure location, transit through different countries, and arrival to our destination. As such, each traveler is responsible for understanding and meeting the requirements needed to travel based upon their specific situations and circumstances. We will do our best to supply updated information and links to resources that may be relevant to the majority of our travelers.

If you test positive for COVID-19 while traveling, we will follow local guidance for protocols to follow, which may vary depending on location. Any and all costs will be the traveler’s responsibility. As such, we recommend every traveler purchases a travel protection policy that suitably covers any risks the traveler might encounter.

We will follow local guidance on mask requirements while traveling, which may vary from destination to destination. Furthermore, we will honor requests specific to each of our friends & partners around the use of masks in their presence – whether in their small shop, home setting, farm, or otherwise. We ask that all travelers come prepared to wear masks and have with them sufficient masks as required by the local government (N95, etc.). If there are questions about when or if to wear a mask, our tour host will be on site and available to answer any questions.

Payment & Prices

No there are no hidden fees in the packages, Sacrifice and food is not included in the package. Call Universal Brothers For DetailsNo there are no hidden fees in the packages, Sacrifice and food is not included in the package. Call Universal Brothers for Details

The packages vary according to the program.

All of the payment should be submitted at the time of booking or before application date closes.